Meet the Apollo Aid Foundation team.


Jose Perales

To me the dance music community has always been about unification, connecting, supporting, and sharing ideas with one another regardless of our differences in an aim to coexist peacefully. The Apollo Aid Foundation fully embodies just that, not only just for those in just the dance community, but for those out there in desperate need in order to survive. A few years ago, I myself thought about how I could make a difference in the world by giving back from within the dance music community. And when I first heard about this organization, I made it my mission to support it in anyway I could. I attended their first event in Los Angeles in 2016, started donating funds, and pushed my way into becoming an official ambassador because I understand my life isn’t about myself, it’s about giving back to others in need.

- Jose Perales

Sunyal Maroo

Dance music has always been close to my heart since it was introduced to me at the start of health issues... Suffering from Cerebral Palsy and Complex Pain Regional Syndrome, dance music has always been my escape from all the challenges in my life. Closing my eyes and listening to music is one of the best feelings in life, we all need to cherish. The whole rave culture and PLUR is something we all need to embrace... I am so happy to part of the team at Apollo Aid. As the industry gets big and bigger, philanthropic efforts like this is for the greater good. It is my honour to be a fan ambassador.

- Sunyal Maroo


  • Jay Anderson Jr

    Jay Anderson Jr

    An entertainment and intellectual property attorney and former software developer, Jay’s fate was inexorably tied to electronic music from the beginning. As an original artist on in the 90’s, Jay witnessed the transformative power of the web in bringing together artists and fans. Having represented artists, radio stations, technology startups, and mature content hosting platforms, Jay’s brings his broad subject matter expertise and deep love for dance music to the Apollo Aid team.

  • Richard Jones

    Richard Jones

    Richard is a Personal Development Coach and Personal Trainer who specialises in Insight based Mindfulness Meditation and Transpersonal Psychology.
    He has spent over twenty years studying authentic Spiritualism, Personal Development and Martial Arts across Europe, Central America and Asia.
    In his work he enjoys guiding clients of all ages, gender, ethics and religious backgrounds into a diligent and clear understanding of self actualisation in life that instills confidence, happiness and balance to each individual’s unique expression of health, wellbeing and deepest personal insight.

  • Sean Peters

    Sean Peters

    Sean is a social entrepreneur who is interested in the way innovation can be used to solve problems for humanity. In 2007 he co-founded an adventure tourism company that ran long-distance cycling tours – from Vancouver to Tijuana, or Amsterdam to Istanbul. Using the funds generated from these tours, in 2012 he co-founded a small early-stage investment fund focused on East African startups solving problems in their communities. He is currently the CEO of an agriculture technology company that is growing animal feed crops on dry land. He is an avid lover of trance, progressive and techno. He holds an MBA from Oxford University.

Core Team

  • Dan Willis

    Dan Willis

    Dan is an artist within the dance music industry, well-known both for his successful productions and popular global tour dates. Dan has been part of multiple charity performances, and has previously donated his performance fee and track royalties to charitable causes. Prior to becoming full-time artist, Dan spent 6 years working with a company specializing in the care and support of children with disabilities.

  • Diarmuid McGettigan

    Diarmuid McGettigan

    With a true passion for dance music from an early age, Diarmuid has been at the forefront of the Brisbane club scene for many years as not only a promoter but a very talented warm up DJ for international acts. A strong believer in promoting positive change in the world through the shared love of music and someone who has an extensive background of supporting a wide range of charities.

  • Jason Bennett

    Jason Bennett

    Jason is a marketing professional with 15+ years of experience leading branding for Fortune 500 companies. Prior to joining the Apollo Aid Foundation, Jason was a Senior Director of Marketing at Gap Inc., responsible for global branding, strategy, advertising and customer experience. When not building brands, Jason can be found on dance floors around the world.

  • Jessica Jordan

    Jessica Jordan

    Jessica Jordan is a passionate music fan and a Freelance Human Resources Strategist. Jessica’s drive to make a difference in the lives of others eventually led her to a career path specializing in Recruitment Strategy and HR Operations, where she has channeled her passion for serving others for the past 8 years now. Jessica responds to the world with an understanding that we all have a shared responsibility and a role to play in making the world a better place.

  • Martin Foerster

    Martin Foerster

    Martin has been part of the music industry for over 15 years as an electronic music artist and as a professional media designer, and applies a keen in-depth knowledge of the entire industry to his creative vision. In addition to designing and coding, Martin loves to produce music, travel, and meet people from all over the world.

  • Michael Hankins

    Michael Hankins

    Michael is one of the world’s leading creative magicians having formerly worked exclusively for David Copperfield on his Las Vegas show at the MGM Grand. He is known for bringing unparalleled creative depth and imagination to everything he touches. Add to this Michael’s passion and love for dance music, and his desire to put smiles on faces of everyone he meets — Apollo Aid is the perfect fit.

  • Robbi Avelino

    Robbi Avelino

    Robbi is the Social Media & PR Manager for Andy Moor's AVA Recordings and is finishing her International Relations degree. Along with a love of dance music, she is also passionate about making the world a better place, and has used her international development background to work with organizations like Global Perspectives Canada to raise funds for projects like classrooms and clean water in Malaysia, Paraguay, and Nigeria.