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Uniting dance music artists and fans to support causes that help build a healthier and happier world.

Together we can make a difference.

One gig. Unlimited potential.

Each supporting artist has generously pledged to donate the value of one performance fee to the charity of their choice. Fans are encouraged to get involved by suggesting organizations to their favorite artists, attending artist and Foundation events, and following us on social media.


Thank you to our incredible roster of supporting artists. Read below about why they got involved.
If you are an artist and want to join us, please email us at

  • Adam Ellis

    I am working with the Apollo Aid Foundation to give something to people who are less fortunate than myself. It’s nice to do good things for people.
  • Alex M.O.R.P.H.

    I was flattered to have been asked by the Apollo Aid Foundation to contribute to their fantastic charity project. I hope this will do the rounds and find more supporters among performing artists around the world!
  • Allan Morrow

    Apollo Aid is something that I have great pleasure in being a part of! It is really important that we take a moment to think about those who are less fortunate than ourselves and to give back through the power of music! Massive respect goes to those at Apollo Aid for setting this up and making a difference.
  • Andy Moor

    Apollo Aid is a great way for artists to give back, and for music lovers to enjoy their favourite artists whilst doing something good. I believe that AAF will become an integral part of artists' calendars in the future and I'm excited to be a part of it.
  • Bryan Kearney

    Apollo Aid is an excellent opportunity for us artists to give something back. I recently lost my father to a very short but aggressive battle with pancreatic cancer and I will be looking to make a donation to a charity that specialises in the treatment of this terminal disease. They have my full support.
  • Factor B

    What a fantastic initiative, a wonderful concept that allows music producers and lovers who are in far more fortunate circumstances to give something back. A credit to AAF for launching this concept - full support!
  • Genix

    I think its a wonderful thing when people do things to help other people and gain nothing from it themselves. When people raise money for charity it really helps others less fortunate than themselves.

    I have raised money for charity a few times in my life including donating money after my 84 hour Guinness World Record DJ marathon set. When approached by Apollo Aid Foundation it didn't take me long to make a decision to work with them. If i can help raise money through my music at one of their events and help... well that something i want to be a part of. Its a great charity idea for dance music to give something back to the world.
  • Hazem Beltagui

    I've always believed that there is more to electronic music than what's on the surface, throughout all of my gigs I've come to the conclusion that the fans show up to the venue not simply to party and have a good time but more to feel connected with other people who share the same passion as them, you see, humans are collectivists by nature.

    With that being said, when my friends from Apollo Aid Foundation asked me if I would be interested to join them, I saw it as an opportunity to do what I love the most, writing and performing music, for a greater purpose.
  • John Askew

    There's a lot of money changing hands in our industry and naturally with that you see a lot of inflated egos and greed. If Apollo Aid can redirect some of that cash to worthy causes and key charities that will genuinely benefit from the donation - then of course I'm on board.
  • Kristina Sky

    I am honored to be part of the first ever dance music charity. Our community has so much to give and the Apollo Aid Foundation is the perfect vehicle for doing just that. I'm very excited to see all the good we can do #togetherwithmusic
  • Maarten de Jong

    Apollo Aid gives me the opportunity to give something back to the world, there are a lot of charity foundations who are in need for money to help them investigate in research to cure diseases like Alzheimer. For me it would be awesome to give them something extra through my music! Because we are all together with music.
  • Maria Healy

    I am supporting the Apollo Aid Foundation, as I believe the concept behind it is spectacular! Not only is it helping the music industry, it helping those in need, you got my full support!
  • Manuel le Saux

    It gives me great pleasure to be a part of such a charitable cause, and emplore more DJs and artists to join the Apollo Aid Foundation.
  • Mark Pledger

    If having fun DJing at an event can help raise money for those less fortunate than myself, then really this is very little to ask considering how much joy it will bring to those who so desperately need it.
  • Mark Sherry

    I've done a lot of charity work over my 20 years of DJ'ing so it's going to be great being involved in a very much dance music orientated and focused charity this time that will really benefit needy people around the globe, I am proud to be involved.
  • Niko Zografos

    As an artist, it's all about sharing the love for music with amazing fans. It's an honor to work with Apollo Aid because we can do that, while giving back to the world.
  • Roger Shah

    I'm always happy to support good causes and with the Apollo Aid Foundation I felt like it's an even more important move to join since we're also representing a whole scene. I'm very proud to be part of this!
  • Sneijder

    Music is a powerful thing, it has the ability to bring people together, it's a honour to work with the Apollo Foundation and channel this togetherness into a great cause. I have lost a few friends to suicide, I will be making my donation to a local suicide awareness charity, it's great that I can give something back through music.
  • Solarstone

    Anything that brings those less fortunate than ourselves into focus is a great move & as the trance scene is all about unity and positivity I’m more than happy to be part of the Apollo Aid Foundation.
  • The Noble Six

    Apollo Aid is the perfect opportunity to give back to the people that are less fortunate than myself and doing so through music makes it even that much more special. What a great cause, full support.
  • Will Rees

    Apollo Aid is such a fantastic idea bringing people together with music to support charities around the world.

    I'm sure we all know someone who has battled with cancer. We all know how such a horrible illness has such a negative effect on the world today and the lives it's taken from us. I will be donating to a cancer based charity through Apollo Aid which has my full support.
  • Woody van Eyden

    Being a true passionist for music, I have been very lucky and fortunate to be inside the music machine for so long. I'm very aware of my luck and I hope that being part of the AAF we can give some bliss, help and support those who are underprivileged.

Supporting Artists:

Supporting Partners:

We'd also like to thank our partners who have generously donated time, media, venues, and more in support of the Foundation.


From fighting hunger, to eliminating poverty, to curing disease, our charity partners are unified in trying to make the world a better place.

  • American Cancer Society
  • BC Children's Hospital
  • Children of Vietnam
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity
  • Macmillan Nurses
  • Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  • Pieta House: Suicide and Self Harm Crisis Centre
  • Smile Train | Cleft Lip and Palate Children's Charity
  • SOS Kinderdörfer


Apollo Aid Foundation Nights bring together an exclusive line-up of supporting artists at some of the best venues in the world, with 100% of ticket sales donated to charity.

  • Apollo Aid Foundation Night at Exchange LA

    May 5th, 2016

    Dance music history was made as Factor B, Kristina Sky, Mark Pledger, Mike Koglin, Neptune Project, The Noble Six, and Roger Shah came together for a special night supporting charity. Hundreds of fans danced the night away at the legendary Exchange LA, helping make the first Apollo Aid Foundation night an incredible and memorable success.

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